Types of Dance

Ballroom Dance is most commonly referred to as “partnership dancing”, as it is a type of dance that requires a dance partner. In Europe and throughout the rest of the world, Ballroom Dancing is categorized into two very distinct styles: Standard and Latin. Here in the United States, these styles were adapted between 1910 – 1930, due to the influence of American jazz music and a more social approach to dancing. Thus, the American Style of dance was born, which includes American Rhythm and American Smooth. American Style is similar to its counterpart from overseas, but while International Style allows only closed dance positions in the smooth dances like Waltz and Foxtrot, American Style allows the dancers to separate in their dance frame. Over the years, American Style has been expanded to include dances such as Mamba, Salsa and West Coast Swing, always driven by the constant development of music around the world.

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